Roots Homeschooling History

Roots Homeschooling had its humble but significant beginning when a homeschooling mother wrote the board of Trinity Christian School, asking them to start a Christian homeschooling program.  Originally called Trinity Christian School Homeschooling Program, Roots started in September 1994, assisting 8 homeschooling families, with a total of 16 students and three Facilitators (none who had homeschooling experience).

God continues to bless Roots, now with numbers that average between 270 and 300.  Our facilitators are either currently home educating their children, use to past home educate their children and were home educated themselves, and all are Christian Alberta-certified teachers.  The Roots community has many opportunities for parents to be involved and, thanks to the generosity of our parents, many services are available to assist our families.  At the same time, Roots will not take over a child’s education because we are not in charge.  Parents who have chosen to home educate are in the driver’s seat and Roots will support and encourage them, enabling them to meet their goals.

As of September 2015, Roots has been affiliated with Morinville Christian School.  We look forward to watching God use this relationship for His glory and honour.