Our Volunteers

In both the Old and New Testaments, God’s people didn’t live as islands unto themselves, but strove to be part of a larger, godly community.  Roots seeks to provide the opportunity for families to participate in a Christian homeschooling community in which they can share ideas, challenge one another, encourage and support one another.
Through the innovative ideas, commitment and diligence of our parents and staff, Roots is able to offer a wide variety of ways for this Christian homeschooling community to grow.  Every mother, father or student who volunteers time to Roots programs opens the door to benefit more families.  Some of the areas that are heavily supported by volunteers and serve the broader Roots community are:
1. Fieldtrips
2. Roots library
3. Social events for families and/or parents
4. Roots monthly newsletter
5. Roots support groups
6. Website maintenance
7. Roots Christian Home Education Fellowship Board of Directors

No parent is required to volunteer.  However, parents who do volunteer frequently report that their experience as a volunteer increased their appreciation of the Roots community and their commitment to the program.  Many of the volunteer opportunities require a modest commitment.