Community Support

One of Roots strength’s is our home education community.  While Roots has great staff who are here to serve our homeschooling families, parents repeatedly find other parents an amazing source of assistance and support.  Our parents are our experts.  Parents support one another through the Roots online Google-group, our monthly support group meetings, prayer, serving with other homeschooling parents, informally meeting or running a co-op with other families, field trips, special events, etc.  Some mothers report that they put their children in the Roots PE classes so they as mothers have time to informally have coffee with other homeschooling mothers.

Are you looking for ways to participate in the Roots community or to find classes that meet specific needs of your child or family?  Please consider utilizing the following resources, while also guarding your time as a family.  There are so many great activities for homeschooling families in Calgary, families sometimes find themselves too busy driving to each of their children’s activities.  Please be careful.

1. In August or after registrations are processed, families receive the handout “Extras.”.  This compilation of various classes, activities and groups will familiarize families with some of their options.  Although these programs are not reviewed or promoted by Roots, many have been recommended by a home-schooling family.

2. The field trip package will be made available at or before the September support group meeting, with the goal to have them available at the Roots Showcase in September.  Roots parent volunteers who love fieldtrips annually organize a variety of excursions, making these educational experiences another opportunity for homeschooling moms to meet other homeschooling moms and for homeschooling students to meet other homeschooling students.  Beware, some fieldtrips can fill up quickly, so don’t delay. 

3. The Roots program offers monthly support group meetings which provide activities for the students and preschoolers while Roots parents gather to discuss issues around homeschooling.  If parents want to learn from experts, this is a great opportunity for moms to learn from other moms.

4. Roots volunteers also organize special events for Roots families, details are announced in the monthly newsletters and through e-mail. 

5. If you’re looking for a specific type of class or group, pray about it and ask around.  God will provide great resources, sometimes from very unexpected places.  Consider letting other Roots parents know what you are looking for by posting on Roots-talk.

6. If you discover an opportunity that you want your children to participate in, advertise it in the Roots newsletter and get a group together.  We all benefit from these scenarios.

Are you concerned about social skills?  Roots graduates seldom have socialization issues when entering the work force and post-secondary education (see a Canadian study from HSLDA, 2009 Canadian Centre for Home Education Report).