Alberta Education provides a grant for each home education student registered by September 30 of the current school year.  The amount of this grant varies annually, so please see the most recent Roots Home Education Handbook for the current amount.  Of this grant, half is available to parents for curriculum, educational supplies or classes; the other half is used to cover administration, facilitator, office and family support expenses.
Under the 2006 Home Education Regulations, Alberta Education’s funding is available for instructional materials and instructional classes relevant to the child’s proposed education plan.

If used to support the goals of the proposed education plan, examples of reimbursable items for Roots students are:

• curriculum books and materials
• miscellaneous supplies that would enhance the program (globe, atlas, research books)
• admission to educational organizations and fieldtrips (i.e. Calgary Zoo, Science Centre) for Roots students and supervising adult(s)
• computers/laptops/ipads (up to $1000/student every 3 years)
• printer/fax/copier (maximum of $400/ home education site every 3 years)
• repairs/upgrades to computers / equipment needed and used as part of the Home Education - 50% of cost
• consumable schooling supplies including those for subjects such as art and science
• educational apps, CDs, DVD’s, memberships, etc.
• internet service (50%/ month from the months of September to June of current school year)
• community based or school organized group lessons and events
• tutoring - other than provided by family member of the student

Items not eligible for reimbursements include:

• travel costs
• remuneration of immediate family members
• other expenses usually paid for by a parent of a student in school.
• furniture
• musical instruments purchase or rental
• physical activity equipment or rental
• extended warranties or insurance
• competitions
• registration fees

Please contact the Roots office prior to purchasing questionable large ticket items to see if they can be reimbursed.

While reimbursement funding is made available to homeschooling parents as quickly as possible, initial reimbursements may need to be limited.  Alberta Education sends funding periodically, and sufficient funds must be available before cheques can be issued.  As much as possible, families requesting immediate reimbursement start receiving reimbursement cheques in mid-October.  From then on, cheques are issued monthly and mailed directly to families.  When homeschooling families are able to wait for reimbursement until later in the school year, families within the homeschooling community who have a financial need are easier to accommodate.  This is one way in which the Roots community supports one another.


Reimbursement Cheque
• Funding is accessible by submitting a reimbursement form with original receipts attached to the Roots office. The monthly deadline is the first Monday of each month (October to May) with the final reimbursement deadline being May 31st.

Requesting a Purchase Order (PO)
• Between August 15 and May 1, Roots families may request a Purchase Order (PO) by e-mailing the Roots office with the name of the store, the amount required and a list of the items to be purchased.  The PO will be issued within one week and it will be e-mailed directly to the designated store.  Each PO may only be used once and must be used within one month of the date issued.  A hold will be placed in the family’s file for these funds until the actual invoices are received for the purchases made.  In other words, a PO is permission for you to request that a store bill Roots directly for homeschooling supplies.  Families requesting a PO before October 1 must sign an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) that if they withdraw their registration prior to October 1, they assume responsibility to make immediate reimbursement for the items received on that PO.

Deadline for Submitting Receipts
All family accounts close on May 31st; ensure that all receipts are submitted before May 31st.