August 23 2012

Be sure to Fail a Little Every Day

by Amy Barr

Do you grant lots of do-overs, re-tries, and mulligans? Does your child get second, third, and fourth chances on every assignment? Do you set deadlines for academic projects and then move those goals back two or three times? Is your child failing to fail?

Early on as a high school Latin teacher I noticed a curious trend. Since the majority of my students are home-educated, parents often volunteer background information about their children when they register them for my classes. As every new school year starts, I often know that some of my students are profoundly gifted in some subject or profoundly challenged with a so-called disability. Regardless, all of my students are expected to complete the same assignments and quizzes on schedule.

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The Old Schoolhouse Feb 2012 - Be Sure to Fail a Little Every Day

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