September 04 2012

M3 = Mom x Math x Monopoly

by Lori Lynn Lydell

I have used games to teach many subjects over the years, but in our home math is the subject that is reinforced with games most often. Once a month, our boys are allowed to pick a game day. We each pick two games to play instead of doing regular lessons. Even now, when our guys are reaching the high school level, I still allow a game day once a month. They love having the control, and I love playing games with them.

Since they were small, our boys have enjoyed playing games with the family around the supper table. And when we play, you can bet that game is going to be logged in my homeschool record for the day. If you think about it, every game can reinforce a math concept, even if it just seems like a game for entertainment. Now, before I continue, I’m talking about board and card games, not video games. There are lots of great educational video and computer games out there, but I’m not writing to you about those today. I’m focusing solely on board and card games.

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The OldSchoolhouse Jan 2012 - Mom x Math x Monopoly

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