July 12 2012

Someone to Lean On

by Nicole Neeley

Each year, our local homeschool group holds an annual used book and curriculum sale. I look forward to this day all year long, and I am never disappointed. A large group of ladies bring all sorts of amazing things to look through and purchase. The room is full of tables piled high with books of all kinds: textbooks, reading books, gardening and herb books, books for the young, books for teenagers, educational games, and anything else homeschool-related—a homeschooler’s heaven!

This year proved to be no different. I found lots of math manipulatives, which I felt would work very well with the new math program, Math on the Level, which we are using this year. I bought two books, Before Five in a Row and Pond, for my 4-year-old, Abigail, who is now doing preschool. My 10-year-old, Hannah, spotted a paper recycling kit. We have talked about recycling our own paper for years now, so this will be a good science experiment. Colby, who is 9, true to character, found a video game that he felt he had to have and was even willing to pay for it with his own money. Of course, it helped that the video game cost only a dollar! (Later I realized why the seller had marked it for that price: it makes lots of noise! Maybe she just wanted it out of her own house!) I bought a sign language book so that I can stop continually borrowing the same book from the library. And I also came home with a devotional book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, which I wanted to read.

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The Old Schoolhouse Fall 2011 - Someone to Lean On

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