September 20 2011

Steve Demme - A Homeschool Journey

Steve Demme—A Homeschool Journey
By Liz Koon

God began leading Steve Demme to homeschool in 1976, even before he had children or was married. A class he attended in seminary led to the beginning of his homeschool journey and eventually his philosophy that a home education is a lifestyle, not merely academics.

Steve’s journey began with a Christian education class. He recalls: “I did a Bible study on everything that had to do with the word teach . . . . When I looked that up, I was convinced that parents were the ones who were supposed to be responsible for their children’s education and the curriculum should be based on the Word of God.”

Six years later when he was married and the father of two boys, he and his wife, Sandra, attended their first homeschool conference. He remembers: “We only had two kids. Ethan was just a baby and Isaac was 2, but we were committed to homeschooling from that point on.”

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Steve Demme: A Homeschool Journey

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