April 30 2012

The Gift of Boredom

By Carol Barnier

A 10-year-old boy takes a mental survey of his “electronic entertainment” options in a matter of seconds. Uninterested, he snaps the power button to “off” and tosses the gadget onto the couch with an exasperated sigh. He leans forward and flips open a magazine on the coffee table in front of him. No good. Another sigh. He rises and looks out the window at his sled that is leaning against the tree and half-buried in snow. “Too much work,” he thinks.

As he saunters through the kitchen, he grabs a pretzel and moves past the cupboard where the family keeps all the board games. So yesterday. Ever since the computer had gone on the fritz earlier in the morning, this child had become a never-ending stream of sighs.

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The Old Schoolhouse Jan 2012 - The Gift of Boredom

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