January 26 2012

The Ordinary Homeschooler

By Deborah Wuehler

There is nothing out of the ordinary about our family. We are your average, middle-income, American family. We just happen to have more children than the average (8), and we just happen to have this “against the flow” Biblical conviction to educate our children at home. We have been homeschooling for more than fifteen years and have graduated two from our private school at home who are now pursuing their college degrees. We have one graduating from our high school next year, and then five more students to follow for another fifteen years of schooling in our home. I don’t see any of them as extra-ordinary; in fact, they are very normal kids, and I am a pretty ordinary homeschool teacher myself—nothing special here for sure.
Our family may be pretty ordinary, but there are many stories in the media about those above-average and over-achieving homeschoolers out there. I am amazed and impressed by the academic abilities, civil involvement, and private university material represented by these elite, home-educated students. Although fascinated when I hear about them, I often feel like maybe I am not equipped to produce any extraordinary homeschoolers in my little school. Actually, I know beyond doubt that I am not equipped to perform such a feat. This thought can paralyze me, cause me to doubt my calling to homeschool, motivate me to send my children to someone else to educate, or—on the opposite end of the spectrum—give me great relief. I choose relief, and I’d like to share that relief with you. First, a little more history on a school named Adonai Academy and its very ordinary teacher.

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The Old Schoolhouse Fall 2011 - Ordinary Homeschooler

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