September 26 2012

The Way They Learn

The Way They Learn
Christian parents want to train up their children in the way they should go. Christian home-schooling parents take on an additional challenge: to teach their children in the way they should learn. In her book, The Way They Learn, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias gives simple, practical help to understand the unique ways God wires our children to learn.
This article summarizes The Way They Learn, describing five different ways of looking at learning styles.
A. How we perceive and organize information.
B. Preferred learning environments
C. Ways children remember
D. How they understand
E. Different ways of being smart

Why Do I Need to Understand Learning Styles?
Understanding your child’s learning style makes it easier for you to choose effective teaching strategies, create a workable learning environment, and respond when he or she faces learning challenges. Learning “how your children are smart” will help you recognize and celebrate their learning strengths, and teach them to recognize those strengths, too.

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The Way They Learn

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