Why did you join Roots?

“Home education supplies…$200

Home school curricula…$500

Community and support of locally based, fellow believers in Christ who happen to home educate their children, namely Roots members…..priceless!”


“The reasons we joined (and have stayed with Roots) are many.  Roots is a Christian board that works with us in raising and teaching our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  Roots supports us in the way we feel the Lord is leading us to educate our children.  We have always been encouraged and challenged to strive for excellence.  The support group meetings were an unexpected blessing to us.  The topics covered each month are informative and fun but it is the fellowship that is such a huge draw.  Roots moms are amazing - they have such a wealth of information and are always quick to encourage or help in any way needed.”


“Roots has helped by providing knowledgeable facilitators who have helped me greatly in planning and forming good proposed Ed plans (PEPs). This helps me ensure my kids are getting a well-rounded education.
Roots provides support and assistance when I need it and also a good sense of community and fellowship so the kids and I don’t feel isolated or excluded. “


“I love Roots! The facilitators are wonderful, and the administrative staff is outstanding!!”


“I have been homeschooling my children with Roots for six years now. Homeschooling with Roots has enabled me to teach my children in the best possible way, by allowing them to progress in their subjects at a pace that suits their needs and neither rushes them nor keeps them at something when they are able to move ahead.
People often think that traditional homeschooling means not educating your children as well, because you are not aligned to each grade’s progress. I believe that through Roots, and through traditional homeschooling, I am able to educate my children even better, because they can learn at their own speed and in ways that best suit their personalities. Roots is a wonderful school board that supports parents and families while allowing each family to educate in the manner that best suits them.”


“Roots has done a fabulous job supporting our family in beginning our homeschool journey in the following ways:
1.  By supporting Christian parents in the Christian upbringing of their children.
2.  By recognizing that parents have the responsibility and right to choose the method of education their children receive.
3.  By being Calgary-based and able to provide local networking meetings, support meetings, and various other functions that develop community.
4.  By hiring facilitators who homeschool, have homeschooled in the past, or were homeschooled.  These facilitators are best equipped to support home educating families as they understand and have experienced the practical aspects of home education.
Furthermore, I believe that Roots is a well-run organization. Roots ensures that paperwork such as program plans are up to date, that reimbursements are processed in a timely manner and that many other details are handled efficiently and effectively.”


“They (Roots) has been informative and switched on to direct us to the latest resources that have helped our son to excel in his reading, curiosity in science and math skills.
We appreciate the friendly family atmosphere that goes along with the Roots Homeschool Society and know many years of long lasting friendships will come from it.
I like that we as parents have the contribution to the field trips and volunteer together. We all have the like mindedness to see our children excel and have a happy year, each year. “

Anonymous homeschooler

“Our family loves the support we receive from Roots! My oldest (age 7) is the only one officially in, but all my kids feel part of the community through participation at the monthly support groups.
We originally started looking into home schooling when it became apparent that our first child was not going to thrive in a traditional class room. We had him in a CBE kindergarten class where he was being helped with PUF funding and his teacher, aide, speech therapist, OT, and psychologist were all worried about him getting left behind in grade one.
Since we started home schooling with Roots one and a half years ago, we’ve noticed huge improvements both academically and socially. Our son is happy and well-adjusted and loves our daily routine. The flexibility of choosing our own curriculum and setting our own schedule, with much more outdoor time than would be possible in a school setting, has helped our son focus on his work and love learning in all areas of life.
I’m trying to describe a vibrant little boy who is thriving in his education. Roots and our facilitator have been such a tremendous support to our family in offering guidance and encouragement!”


“Our family waited the last three years or so looking forward to enrolling our children in this program.  We researched several options of school boards and read testimonies of other home-educating families.  Roots always stood out to us. 
The standards, beliefs, and commitment are all part of what - we believe - successfully educate and support the children and their families.  We have been very happy with the Roots staff in our home education journey thus far.  Our children are excelling and we are excited to successfully finish this part of our children’s lives with Roots”

Aaron & Amber

“We have had the privilege of watching our children flourish in this environment. Roots has helped us by being so flexible and supportive in our goals. We have had wonderful experiences with our facilitators throughout the years. They have given the children encouragement in their academics, provided helpful resources unique to a home education situation and worked diligently to help us to prepare the next generation for this world. We long to see our children empowered to serve their communities, love their neighbours, have a passion for learning and use their own specific gifts to be leaders in the future. Roots has helped us to set them on that path.”

Joey & Kimberly

“Roots has been a wonderful community that we have been very glad to be a part of. I value the monthly meetings, which are always encouraging and uplifting. It’s wonderful to be able to connect with other homeschool families and share information, resources and experiences. I also appreciate the ability to contact my facilitator with any questions, and it gives me peace of mind to know that she is there if I ever need her.”


“Not only do Roots provide community for parents and children, Roots celebrates diversity within its value parameters. This is an invaluable and rare occurrence.  It is refreshing to find respectful interaction amongst differing opinions, educational methods, and approaches. Roots enables us to learn from more experienced homeschoolers while providing the opportunity to encourage those starting out or struggling. 
While Roots puts no pressure on parents to conform to any education model or curriculum, it makes information available to parents who would like to read more, understand better, or explore different options.
The Roots community provides an accepting place for connection, learning, and growing. Taking the education of one’s children upon one’s own shoulders can at times be very daunting. Many moms experience varying levels of anxiety on this journey. The Roots community plays a vital role in encouraging moms through these times of anxiety and second-guessing. “

David & Leeza

“Roots has enabled me to progress at the pace best suited to my child. In subjects where he might struggle with a concept, I have the flexibility to slow down until it is mastered.  Areas where understanding comes quickly, I have the option to move more quickly through the lessons. In a classroom environment, my child would have no choice but to learn at the pace of the majority of the class. I love the flexibility home schooling has brought in this regard.”